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A technical leader with architectural skills and experience in industry and Tech Startups.

Solutions Architect focusing on designing and implementing cloud-based solutions to scale operations and infrastructure.


Startup experience

Learning and practicing customer discovery and design thinking has changed my professional life. I highly recommend Steve Blank’s book The Startup Owner’s Manual to anyone who is on the path of starting a new company.

Technical experience

I’ve designed and built cloud service models including Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service, and Software-as-a-Service for several startups, SMEs and mid-size companies.

Cloud & SaaS Platforms:

Amazon AWS and Google Cloud

Programming Experience:

Programming Languages: Python, Ruby, GoLang and PHP

Frameworks: Ruby on Rails, Django, Flask and Symphony

Community building

Back in January 2015, I started MENA devs, an initiative with the purpose of connecting software developers, designers and computer enthusiasts in the MENA region.

What started as a Slack group quickly evolved to an active community, reaching more than 300 members and lead by dedicated members.

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Email: email @ cnikolaou DOT com

I am open to discussing ideas, partnerships, coaching and mentoring.