Constantine Nikolaou

Solutions Architect, APIs, Software, Leadership, Digital Business Models, Startups and

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A technical leader with architectural skills and experience in industry and Tech Startups.

Solutions Architect at, focusing on enabling Connectivity Partners to resolve availability and reservation issues, scale operations and implement industry standards.


Startup experience

Learning and practicing customer discovery and design thinking has changed my professional life. I highly recommend Steve Blank’s book The Startup Owner’s Manual to anyone who is on the path of starting a new company.

Technical experience

I’ve designed and built cloud service models including Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service, and Software-as-a-Service for several startups, SMEs and mid-size companies.

Cloud & SaaS Platforms:

Amazon AWS and Google Cloud

Programming Experience:

Programming Languages: Python, Ruby, GoLang and PHP

Frameworks: Ruby on Rails, Django, Flask and Symphony

Community building

Back in January 2015, I started MENA devs, an initiative with the purpose of connecting software developers, designers and computer enthusiasts in the MENA region.

What started as a Slack group quickly evolved to an active community, reaching more than 300 members and lead by dedicated members.

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Business, career and professional self-help

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Email: email @ cnikolaou DOT com

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I am open to discussing ideas, partnerships, coaching and mentoring.